“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”-Bob Marley-

It’s the feeling of sitting on the edge of your chair listening to one of your favorite songs, while trying hard not to reach for the repeat button before it ends. Being hung on every word, melody, and hook that is sold to you because you feel it to be no other way, now that’s music! We long for those old souls who melt us, persuade us, and capture us with their heart felt vocals and lyrics speaking of love and life. Singer-songwriter Shona McNeill, is, and does just that. A voice defined by a musical melting pot, Shona exposes her audience to a fusion of the Blues, Jazz, Country, Gospel, and many other musical styles all in one package. Often compared to the likes of Bonnie Rae, Corrine Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, India Arie, Lizz Wright, and Joss Stone, she embraces her musical freedom in her three song appetizer The Demo. Her soulful voice sooths you with ease in songs such as 2 Years 2 Late, while uplifting you as she belts out words of revelation and love in The Curse and I Woke Up. A young mind with wisdom far beyond her years, she is able to entice the attention of a broad range of listeners. Perhaps what makes her a guilty pleasure is not only her vocal range, but her ability to tell a story, and naturally be herself. A journey just beginning with a chapter still unfolding, I present to you singer-songwriter Shona McNeill and her introduction The Demo.

“I’ve always had a hunger for music and wanted to be a sponge and absorb all that I could, explain Shona.” A graduate of UAB’s Music Department, she has had the honor of taking part in studying vocally in both Classical and Theatre music. “Although that was not my main genre of music to sing, states Shona, it opened my eyes to a lot and I have a great appreciation for it.” Upon completing college Shona continued lessons while participating in plays such as The Depot, with the Southern Broadway Theatre Company. “My main focus was getting my music out there, adds Shona, so I began to write songs and ended up choosing three to record for my demo.” With her demo complete she began to contact anyone she could to listen, but it wasn’t until she reached out to a longtime friend that a door opened. “I use to perform for Charlotte Cain at The Sweet Auburn Festival in Atlanta, Georgia when I was in my mid-teens. It had been a while since we talked but I wanted her to hear my music, and was pleased when she did.” With Charlottes help, Shona was introduced to the Artist Development Program which is the opportunity that has landed her where she is now. With the release of The Demo, Shona McNeill is ready to shed light on her musical style, giving a dose of herself to all who listens.

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June 13 , 2012

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June 13 , 2012

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Scotty Chang and Chang9 clothing on the Rise!!

July 10 , 2012

Every so often you run across a person not afraid to turn his or her dream into a reality, and Scotty Chang is one of those people. The founder of Chang9 Clothing, he has been introducing us to his style for some time now, taking an ordinary tee and  showing us how to make a statement. So if you haven't heard or seen, by all means check him out at www.chang9clothing.com. Also you can follow him on twitter at www.twitter.com/chang9clothing as well as chat with him on facebook at www.facebook.com/scottychangwww.facebook.com/chang9clothing, and www.facebook.com/20/twentycru.

Let's Go!!!!

November 16 , 2012

If you're in the Troy area tonight swing by Rodeos and kick back to the musical sounds of Shona McNeill. Entertainment begins around 9pm, and there is no fee, so come make yourself at home with us! See you there!

New places to find Shona McNeill's Music

September 11 , 2012

Pop's Oyster Bar and Grill is now selling Shona McNeill's cd The Demo. If you are in the Enterprise area by all means visit Pop's for a good meal and Entertainment. Remeber that her music can be found on Itunes as well as any other place in which you can download music.

An Invitation for you!

September 18 , 2012

On October 13th, Shona McNeill along with Johnny Barron and many other artist will be perfoming in a benefit gala to fight against child abiuse. This event will be held at the Trojan Center Ballroom of Troy University and tickets will be $25 a person. Come join us as we support the fight against child abuse!

Back in Style

February 05 , 2013

Shona McNeill will be performing in Atlanta, GA at the Apache Cafe Feb. 14 2013. The Apache is having an Exposure Open Mic Night and Shona McNeill will be one of its performers! The event will begin at 9 p.m. and there is a five dollar entrance fee for all who attend. Hope to see you there and for more upcoming events check out www.apachecafe.com.

Come See the Parade!

February 07 , 2013

Shona McNeill amongst many other performers will be participating, as entertainment, in Atlanta's Black History Month Parade. For more information please go to www.blackhistorymonthparade.com. Hope to see you there!!

Stay In Touch With Shona !

February 05 , 2013

You can stay up to date with Shona McNeill by joining her on Twitter,Facebook, and Reverbnation. Here are the links: www.twitter.com/mcneillshona www.facebook.com/mcneillshona  

Back To Our Roots

February 05 , 2013

The time for the Sweet Auburn Spring Festival is here!!! Shona McNeill will be a participating act in the  event . So if you are in the Atlanta area  May 11, come down and enjoy the entertainment, shopping and much more! For more information check out www.sweetauburn.com.

Crawdad Festival

April 06 , 2013

Shona McNeill will be performing at the Crawdad Festival in Ozark Alabama on April 20th. Her performance will start at ten near Southern Reflections Salon, located on the square in Ozark. Make sure if you are in the area that you take the time to come by and enjoy the music and festivities!

Global Winter Wonderland

November 07 , 2013

Atlanta, Georgia is holding it's very first Global Winter Wonderland and we want you to come out and join us!! Shona McNeill will be performing there twice  on December 4th, once outside around 5pm and again inside the VIP tent at 7pm. Have no fear, if you are unable to attend the event on this day Global Winter Wonderland will begin on November 21st and end on the 5th of January, so you have time to come out and celebrate. For more information on this event please go to www.globalwonderland.com and for a discount on your tickets use the promo code XYZ123.

We've Been Invited Back to Global Winter Wonderland!!!

December 24 , 2013

If you were unable to come out and enjoy the magic of Global Winter Wonderland you still have time!! Saturday January 4, 2014, begin your year with Shona McNeill and many other performers as they grace the Winter Wonderland stage, before the festivities end on January 5th. Take in the beauty that makes this time of year so wonderful and join us at Global Winter Wonderland. Located at Turner Field in Atlanta, GA www.globalwinterwonderland.com

WTVY Performance!!

March 03 , 2014

Shona McNeill will be performing  March 11, 2014 live on WTVY at 12:15. Afterwards, Shona will be sitting down for a brief interview with Demetria McClinton to talk about all the new projects  for the year 2014. I hope you will be tuning in!!!

Green Lady Productions!!

March 03 , 2014

Shona McNeill has been recruited by Toney Neal of Green Lady productions to play the role of Jennifer in his new production We Don't Talk Anymore. Dates and locations for the show will be posted in the near future, but for those who are curious here is a link you can check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=930TtpYvX1I&feature=youtu.be